PE Resolution #2:  to promote a movement towards increasing physical education at the elementary school level to ensure full implementation of the new MCPS Physical Education Curriculum.

Approved April 26, 2005

Whereas, the proposed Physical Education (PE) curriculum provides a standards-based approach and if appropriately implemented will provide instruction in important areas not previously covered that reflect the strengths of the discipline including exercise physiology, biomechanical principles, motor learning principles and overall health and nutrition, with the ultimate goal of establishing a strong foundation of physical activity in the formative years to develop a lifelong practice in fitness, sport, dance and movement education.

Whereas, most elementary school students in Montgomery County only receive 30 minutes of PE a week;

Whereas, the U.S. Surgeon General, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity and PE taught by certified instructors for every elementary and secondary school student;

Whereas, to provide students with the recommended amount of PE established by both national organizations and public health experts, MCPS elementary school students must experience an increase in PE instructional minutes;  

Whereas, to fully implement the new PE curriculum, elementary students must be provided with additional instructional time in physical education to allow satisfactory understanding of the academic concepts being taught and to ensure that the academic nature of the new lessons will not reduce the amount of time that children are physically active during PE classes; 

Whereas, a growing body of evidence suggests that providing students with more PE and physical activity opportunities help reduce the cost schools incur due to reduced absenteeism and improved student health, and reduced staff time spent addressing academic performance. Furthermore, improvement in test scores and overall academic achievement can be linked to increased time in PE;

Whereas, MCCPTA recognizes that increased PE in elementary schools will impact overall class scheduling and funding issues;

Whereas, MCCPTA is willing to work with MCPS and the BOE to develop an approach to increasing PE in schools that recognizes the cost constraints and impact on the school day;

Whereas, the MCCPTA’s position regarding the importance of PE instruction in the education of every child is aligned with that of both the National PTA and the Maryland PTA, be it now therefore  

RESOLVED that the Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations recognizes the importance of regular physical education programs as an integral part of children’s education and requests the Board of Education to examine opportunities to increase physical education in elementary school to ensure successful and full implementation of the new physical education curriculum.