MCCPTA Delegates Assembly

October 25, 2005

Carver Educational Services Center




Welcome: Sharon St. Pierre, Vice President - Programs

Pledge of Allegiance: Sharon St. Pierre

PTA Mission: Victor Salazar, Vice President - Administration

Program Opening: Sharon St. Pierre introduced the program on Bullying and Gang Prevention. Speakers were Rosa Parks Middle School and Sherwood High School

students from Project Change; Ed Clark Director, Department of School Safety and Security from Montgomery County Public Schools; and Candace Kattar, co-founder and

executive director of Identity, a non-profit organization that serves Latino youth in Montgomery County.  Sharon will forward delegate’s questions to the presenters if you give her your contact information. Materials were distributed. 

Goals for the presentations:

  • Understanding of issues and impact of how they affect our children
  • What you can do after the program (National PTA information)
  • Identity and Project Change contact information
  • Conversation starter kits for parents

Project Change students discussed their mini grant for “You Have the Power! – Stop Bullying Now” and they presented the show, “In the Mix”, as aired on PBS. It will air again locally in November.

Ed Clark presented, “A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Bullying and Gang Violence”. This year the Maryland legislature enacted the Safe Schools Reporting Act of 2005 Harassment or Intimidation (Bullying). He reviewed the definition of bullying and gangs. He presented statistics for current gang activity in Montgomery County and discussed preventive measures that MCPS is taking along with other community partners. In addition to his printed presentation his referenced handouts included: Maryland State Department of Education Bullying Prevention; Department of Student Services of Montgomery County Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Awareness Resources; Harassment or Intimidation Incident School Investigation and Reporting Forms; and Information on Gangs – What Every Community Member Should Know. Ed Clark reviewed prevention, intervention and suppression strategies and offered helpful hints for parents/guardians, and listed next steps to be taken, including outreach and resources.

Candace Kattar, co-founder of Identity, focused on her non-profit organizations work with Latino youth. Currently they are working with students in five high schools and five middle schools in Montgomery County. Programs are based on an after school model and include an evening program for parents. She described a typical student in their program and their retreats. She asked that schools welcome, listen and reach out to youth and their families. She distributed a “Summary of Relevant Findings from Identity’s Needs Assessments Regarding Risk and Protective Factors in the Lives of Montgomery County Latino Youth”.




Draft Minutes- MCCPTA Delegates Assembly

October 25, 2005

Carver Educational Services Center


Business Meeting


Call to Order: President Cindy Kerr called the meeting to order at 8:40 PM.

Agenda: The nominating committee report and ballot was added to the agenda. Agendas are not sent in advance. Agendas are basic and last minute additions can be made.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the September 27, 2005 Delegate Assembly were reviewed and stand approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report:  

Treasurer Juan Johnson presented the treasurer’s report of September 27 through October 24, 2005 and profit and loss budget vs. actual for July 1 through October 24, 2005. Dues payments should be made to MCCPTA, MD PTA and National PTA by November 1. MCCPTA had income of $8.65. Juan will send out electronic copies of the report. (No overhead was available tonight for it to be viewed.) The treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.


President’s Report:

Cindy Kerr reported on her visit to Savannah, Georgia on behalf of MD PTA and the Montgomery County. The focus of the training was membership, leadership and inclusion. The executive board served dinner to the Board of Education last night (October 24) before the Board meeting. We asked Board members to join PTA and some did if they weren’t already members. Because of time constraints (Board of Education deadline of September 9) the executive board submitted three names as nominees to be considered by the Board of Education for a position representing MCCPTA – Traci Fox (Health committee chair), Pam Moomau (Safety committee chair), and Kay Romero (Special Education chair). At the Board of Education meeting Traci Fox, our nominee for the Citizens Advisory Committee (for the new health curriculum), was selected as our organizational representative. No official position has been taken by MCCPTA, yet. Traci is directed to report back to MCCPTA. When a position is required she will vote as directed by MCCPTA.

Cindy had a list of MCCPTA and MCPS acronyms for delegates. Explanation was given on how letters are given to policies, and that they aren’t acronyms. She briefly explained the difference between policies and regulations.


Officer Reports:

Vice President for Educational Issues: Shirley Brandman directed delegates to the handout on MCCPTA committee updates for October. She asked that elementary schools complete the survey, “MCPTA Health Committee Elementary School Survey to Assess Impact of the Reduced Class Size Initiative on Physical Education, Art and Music”. This survey will be posted electronically on the bulletin, too. Advocacy priorities marked tonight and at the last delegate assembly will be tallied and reported back to the Delegates by category. No issues will be completely cut from the list. Middle school reform committee has had its official start. Shirley and Juan Johnson are parent representatives on the steering committee, so see them with questions. They’ll continue to update us before it is presented next fall. Reminders of upcoming committee meetings:

Oct. 26 Special Education Committee meeting at 7:30 PM at Carver discusses grading and reporting and how it affects students with disabilities.

Curriculum Committee will meet Monday, Nov. 14 at Carver.

Grading and Reporting Committee will meet at Carver, Monday, Nov. 14

Nov. 2 Gifted Child Committee will meet 7:15 PM at Carver

Thurs., Nov. 3 at White Oak MS at 7 PM and Wed., Nov. 9 at Gaithersburg HS at 7 PM –workshops will be held for parents on the application process for magnet ES, MS and HS programs.

The Board of Education has taken up the issue of academic eligibility policy. To be eligible in high school and middle school you must have a 2.0 GPA to participate in extracurricular activities. It’s significant in the county since about 20% of our high school students are academically ineligible. Parents on the work group want more emphasis academic support and perhaps re-examine provisional eligibility. As soon as revisions to the policy are available for public comment we’ll let you know. Extended public comments will be taken until Feb. 14.


Vice President – Administration:  Victor Salazar discussed the November 5 community leader’s forum on youth violence and gangs co-sponsored by MCCPTA and the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board. A flyer was distributed for the summit to be held at Sligo Middle School on November 5 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. PTA leaders, community leaders and faith based leaders will join in the discussion. Patricia Carpio is now the chair for membership. She’ll start putting out monthly reports on membership. He stated that the CIP testimony times of November 9 and 10 may have to be adjusted. Look on the Bulletin for your cluster’s time slot. Victor thanked Meredith Walters for the October 1 training.


Committee Reports:

Nominating Committee:

Vice President – Administration Victor Salazar read from Article VIII section 6 of the MCCPTA bylaws. A mailing did go out with these names. A written ballot for the MCCPTA Nominating Committee for 2005-2006 was distributed to all delegates. These nominees had been presented at the last executive board meeting. Hearing no nominations from the floor the following people were elected to the nominating committee on a voice vote.

            At-large                                                                                    Chris Barclay

            Magruder, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Watkins Mill                     Allyson Morrison

            Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Seneca Valley            Lauren Haven

            Churchill, Richard Montgomery, Wootton, Rockville     Lori Merrill

            Blake, Paint Branch, Sherwood, Springbrook               Leslie Ridgway

            Blair, Einstein, Kennedy, Northwood                                        Ana Janckson-Curtis

            BCC, Walter Johnson, Whitman, Wheaton                               Terri Salus


Bylaws: Vicki Rafel reported that the bylaws committee has completed its review and revision of the MCCPTA bylaws. Their report will be taken to the executive board meeting next week. It will be presented to the delegates at the November delegate assembly meeting. Vicki’s committee is willing and able to help local PTAs with their bylaws or incorporation papers. Cindy added as a point of information that MD PTA has a new template for council bylaws. Hard copies will of the bylaws revisions will be sent through the pony, not electronically. Likewise, information for the next month will be sent through the pony, the bulletin and to the PTA presidents. Let Cindy know if you’re not receiving information.


Policy FAA- RA work group:

Marney Jacobs summarized the work group’s actions to date including having established ground rules and criteria. They have four meetings left with the chair Joe Lavorgna. Their next meeting is tomorrow night at Julius West Middle School at 7:30 PM and it’s open for all to attend and observe. We now have seven or eight people showing up, so there are more seats for this work group from MCCPTA than have been filled. We have one executive board member participant and seven areas have one representative each. Marney has been letting the alternates for other areas participate since there are no representatives from the Watkins Mill or Magruder clusters who have attended.


CIP: Marney Jacobs, CIP co-chair said that the CIP forum on Thursday night, October 27 is geared toward writing testimony and the CIP process, but anyone is welcome to attend. CIP books will be available at the forum. This is the six year CIP, so make sure that presidents tell cluster coordinators know your school facility issues. She anticipates that there won’t be any surprises - just that things cost more. Include facilities issues like restrooms. Every child is entitled to a safe, secure and modern facility. Our goal is to build a record and to be heard by the Board of Education, County Council and state. The theme is to maintain the CIP which means fund the dollars and do the projects. Responding to a question about the new concept high school, Marney said that we have to wait for the superintendent’s recommendation. Nothing is imprint, yet. A budget line item may appear for a feasibility study for attempting to purchase land. Nothing has been firmly established. Overall the enrollment for MCPS has flattened.


Business Items: Presentation of Executive Board Summer Resolutions/Motions

Options available to the delegates include accepting them as written by the executive board, or changing them to be from the entire organization. The option of taking the proposed resolution (see new business) from the Gifted and Talented Committee and bringing it back to the locals to discuss and taking action later is available, too.


Policy FAA Work Group Resolution: (as shown on the overhead)

The MCCPTA Executive Board resolves that a work group consisting of 6 AVP’s or representatives, the CIP Co-Chairs and two Executive Board Officers will participate

with the MCPS Division of Long Range Planning in developing “long-range educational

facilities planning regulations” to implement the FAA-RA policy. Through this process

the work group will publicly identify those portions of the policy they believe should

remain policy. This work group will develop specific regulatory language to address

provisions relating to public participation and other MCCPTA concerns. This work group

will hold meetings throughout the County to further engage and solicit input from parents,

PTAs and the general public. The MCCPTA members of this work group will keep the

MCCPTA Executive Board informed throughout the process, and make specific

recommendations as to what changes the Board of Education should make when they

review Policy FAA.


A motion was made by Debbie Selecman for the delegate assembly to endorse this resolution of the MCCPTA Executive Board on the FAA workgroup. It was seconded. Discussion concluded that it was acceptable to the delegates to wordsmith the sentence, “This work group will develop specific regulatory language to address provisions relating to public participation and other MCCPTA concerns”, so that it ensures stronger language to emphasize public participation and involvement. A change was also made stating that, “The MCCPTA members of this work group will keep the MCCPTA Delegate Assembly informed throughout the process,…”.  The motion to endorse the resolution with the stated changes was passed on a voice vote.


Directory Resolution: (as shown on overhead)

            WHEREAS each school year the local PTA units of the Montgomery County Council

of PTAs (MCCPTA) typically compile and publish student directories that include

personal and potentially sensitive information such as names, street addresses and

telephone numbers of students whose parents have agreed to have such information

included, and

WHEREAS by common knowledge and accepted practice these directories are intended

exclusively for the private use of the PTA and the local PTA communities to facilitate

communication within their communities, and are not intended to be used for any other

purpose, and

WHEREAS the president of an organization calling itself the Citizens for Responsible

Curriculum (CRC) has privately conceded to MCCPTA officers that CRC obtained

copies of selected student directories and used the information in these directories to

develop a mailing list for a purpose inconsistent with the intended or appropriate use of

the directories, and

WHEREAS this misuse of student directories by CRC has caused substantial concern

among parents within the affected communities, and

WHEREAS the PTAs in the affected communities are justifiably concerned that fears

about potential future misuse of student directories could lead parents to withhold student directory information, thereby impairing a critical PTA asset,

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board objects in

the strongest terms to the misuse of student directories by the CRC, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board strongly believes

that the CRC should respond promptly and completely to all questions and concerns

raised by local PTA units about the sources and intended uses of their student directory information, specifically identifying any instances in which this information may have

already been sold or otherwise made available to another individual or entity, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Board strongly believes that the CRC

should agree in writing to cease using information obtained from PTA student directories,

and to return to the affected PTAs all copies of their directory information now in the

possession of CRC, in whatever form the information may exist, or certifying in writing

that this information has been destroyed, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Executive Board strongly believes that the CRC

should concede in writing that its use of student directory information was inappropriate

and agree that it will refrain from any future use of PTA student directory information.


Changes to the resolution were made based on the pro bono attorney input. It has not been forwarded.

A motion was made to endorse the directory resolution as passed by the executive board by the delegates. It was seconded.

A motion was made to amend the motion to remove any specific references to CRC, and their background information, to make it a general statement. It was seconded. Discussion followed for and against. It failed on a standing vote.

A motion was made to amend the original resolution to add a further resolve that the MCCPTA organization also similarly opposes other non-school sanctioned organizations from using this information in the future for any purpose. It was seconded. Discussion followed and the wording school sanctioned changed to PTA/PTSA sanctioned was accepted. Also, the references to the MCCPTA Executive Board were changed to MCCPTA. It failed on a standing vote.

A motion was made to add e-mail addresses to the first paragraph, but then it was agreed by the body to be acceptable to add that without a motion.

A vote on the original motion that accepts this resolution with changes from MCCPTA Executive Board to MCCPTA Delegate Assembly passed on a standing vote. The resolution will be changed for language and it will be forwarded to CRC on our behalf.

A motion was made to keep the first two paragraphs including e-mail addresses and then add, “Be it resolved that the Delegate Assembly opposes use of the student directories for purposes not approved by the PTA/PTSA.” It was seconded. It was a moved to table this to the next Delegate Assembly and then send it to the executive board for language clarification. The executive board will refer back to the Delegate Assembly at the November Delegate Assembly meeting for voting. It was seconded. It passed on a voice vote.


Motion to Add a May Delegates Assembly:

A motion was made at the August 25 executive board to have a May Delegate Assembly.

Rich Edelman made a motion to have a May delegate assembly. The motion was seconded. The discussion included importance of meeting to conduct business and how local PTAs would handle “lame duck” or newly elected officers attendance. The body decided that is was acceptable for a specific date in May will be announced later. The motion passed on a standing vote.


New Business Item: New motions or Resolutions presented by delegates

MCCPTA Gifted Child Committee Proposed Resolution:


o        The MCPS Board of Education has stated that increasing rigor is on e of its main goals

o        Providing a general continuum of services is one of the MCPS guiding policies

o        Over 300 students prepared for accelerated work will be graduating this school year

from the competitive middle school programs in MCPS, while only 200 slots are

available at the high school level for the whole county

o        Expanding the number of spaces available in these programs increases opportunities

for all students down county and upcounty

o        Existing programs of this nature generate and share best practices of excellence within

the communities where they operate, thus indirectly improving the educational level

for all students

o        The current upcounty middle school program at Roberto Clemente  enrolls significantly

higher proportions of African American students than its sister down county programs

o        The name recognition and prestige of Montgomery County is constantly enhanced by its

great school system, of which its well-known magnet programs are a highly visible element; thus attracting desirable organizations and increasing job opportunities for all

o        The existing HS magnet programs were created a long time ago when the student population

of Montgomery County was approximately half of what it is today, and their number of

spaces has not grown at all since then

o        The bulk of new development and growth in the county is taking place within the upcounty area

o        Current busing of upcounty students to won county programs incurs significant costs:

Financial (the cost of transportation) and human (wasted student-hours each day and disruption to family schedules

o        Deserving upcounty students who currently miss the opportunity for more enriched education as either themselves or their parents are unwillingly/unable to make the sacrifices implicit in attending at locations far removed from their homes

o        The recent Report from the Deputy Superintendent Advisory Committee on GT Education indicates as one of its recommendations that : “MCPS must meet the need for additional seats

In centers and secondary magnet programs. Of critical concern is the establishment of an upcounty high school program to align with the Roberto Clement model.”

o        The cost of this program (expected to be less than $500,000 p.a. when fully operational; less during its initial years of  operation) represents approximately 3/100 of 1% (three hundredths of one percent) of the overall MCPS yearly budget of $1.7 billion; and


That MCPS should establish, by Fall 2006, upcounty high school programs for the highly gifted, along the lines of the successful middle school programs at Roberto Clemente Middle School.


[1] /The word “upcounty”, as normally used by MCPS, refers to the northern area of Montgomery County as defined by the area covered by the two northern groups of clusters, i.e., the northwestern quad-cluster of: Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard and Seneca Valley HS; and the northeastern penta-cluster of: Clarksburg, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Magruder , and Watkins Mill HS.

[2]/the expression “along the lines of the successful programs at Roberto Clemente Middle School” is intended to convey the many design aspects that have made such programs so successful. Among them: the proposed HS programs should: a)offer open enrollment; b)include both, math-science-computer science and humanities programs (i.e., no IB program, their curricula will be based on Blair’s math-science-computer science magnet and on its CAPS humanities program); c)attract underserved minority students, just as the middle school programs at Roberto Clemente are doing currently; etc


Copies of the above resolution were in the delegate packets. In the interest of time the chair of the GT committee made a motion:

Diane McHale made a motion to have the MCCPTA Gifted Child Committee Proposed

Resolution put on the agenda for action at the November delegates assembly. It was seconded. Discussion included the FY budget for ’06. FY ’07 will cover the 2006-2007 school year. Questions may be sent to Diane McHale our GT chair. Please contact your locals regarding this resolution.


Delegates List Serve Survey:

Patti Twigg, MCCPTA listserves moderator, included in delegate packets the MCCPTA listserves administration and subscription information. She also is requesting feedback on regulations and guidelines. Her survey was distributed tonight in packets. The list serve survey is to be taken back to local PTAs. You can add to this, too. We’ll work out a way to vote on this in November. We’ll use a similar method to the advocacy priorities list to determine the outcome at the next delegates’ assembly in November.


No other business was proposed.



The business meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.