With several avid racers in the club, the Norfolk Naval Sailing Association is annually represented at many of the area events on the lower Chesapeake Bay.  The club is represented at the Cock Island Race, the Cape Charles Race for Cruisers and Racers, Hampton Bay Days, and the Old Point Comfort Yacht Club Round the Lights event

2016 Tri-Services Regatta

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The 2016 TSR event was held on "Yankee Station" on Sept 11 - the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Center.   The club did very well - and our sailors successfully brought the Perpetual Trophy back to NNSA.  Well done to our sailors

ELIXIR - 1st in Racing 1 - Skipper: Mark Merrick

CHARIS - 3rd in Racing 1 - Skipper: Dick McCrillis

ENCOUNTER - 1st in Cruising 1 - Skipper: Dave Huise

OLD CROW - 2nd in Cruising 1 - Skipper: Scottie Nielsen

CHRISMA - 1st in Cruising 2 - Skipper: Gary Kirchner

RED FROG - 2nd in Cruising 2 - Skipper: Randy Goodman

STUDY HALL  1st in Cruising 3 - Skipper: Diana Hughes

MISS B HAVEN - 2nd in Cruising 3 - Skipper: Richard Basye


NNSA Round The (Middle Ground) Light Fun Races

Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race


2015 Tri-Services Regatta

NNSA TSR Awardees

MISS B HAVEN  2nd in Cruising III - Skipper: George Elliott

STUDY HALL  1st in Cruising III - Skipper: Diana Hughes (Fastest Boat-Corrected Time!)

SO VEIN  1st in Cruising I -Skipper: David MacMillan

BLUE GHOST  1st  in Non-Spin 1  - Skipper:  Sidney Beard

SKYMARK  3rd  in Non-Spin 2 - Skipper: Tim Dull

NAMELESS 1st in Cruising II - Skipper: Sean Gorman (and Luce)

2015 TSR Final Race Results

Round The Light Race Results!

Round the Lights Sailing Instructions

8 Aug 2015 Round the Light NOR

8 Aug 2015 Round the Light Sailing Instructions

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Past NNSA Racing Events


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