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May 2019
Hello Beloveds----

            I’m wondering how it can be May already. It feels like yesterday that I was moving in at the Parsonage! I am celebrating the richness of the process of getting to know each of you better. Stories shared with me encourage me, inform me, and challenge me. And, it’s all good, and I believe is working for good in our midst.

At our Pot Luck Lunch on March 31st, we asked that those present would have their pictures taken for our new digital directory. We also participated in an exercise that asked 3 questions: why am I here? what attracts me to Union Congregational? what do you want Union Congregational to be? Your words have been recorded, with as much care as possible to ensure that each word has been transcribed. Each one’s words matter. Each one’s ideas matter. Each one’s voice and presence will matter as this community moves forward in the search for a new Minister.

While the process may seem daunting, or exciting, or scary, or refreshing, together we will make a path by walking it. Together, we will serve on the Search Committee, or assist the Search Committee as we are invited. We will tell stories, we will pray, we will express our wants and hopes, we will pray, we will sort through differences, we will pray, we will forgive---- ourselves and others, we will pray, we will need to show up for this process, and we will pray. The future of Union Congregational is firmly in each of our hands, united with each other’s hands and hearts and hopes and dreams. I am grateful to be present to this time of Interim Ministry, and grateful for each of you. Our faith calls us forward. Let us lead and follow, step up and step back, speak truthfully and listen deeply to each other, and above all, love mightily!

With gratitude,
Pastor Annie
Feedback from our Spring Pot Luck Luncheon
  • because someone invited me and I just kept coming back
  • because Jesus saved me from the jaws of death
  • for the word of God
  • to think and reflect on the word.
  • to lead by example
  • to grow as a person and to be more helpful
  • to enjoy fellowship
  • to learn more about Jesus and Bible
  • because here I am not judged for any past religion or lack of religion. I learn about
  • God here and feel accepted for the beliefs I am allowed to form here.
  • Commitment to God and Church Family
  • Open arms to all who enter
  • Love, prayer and laughter
  • because I love my church and everything that it stands for – Boy Scouts, Food Pantry, Bell Choir, Work Camp, just to name a few. This was my Great Grama Church—and
  • there’s only 1 Union Congregational Church.
  • healing of broken faith
  • friends
  • unconditional love
  • to pray and worship Jesus
  • to help me through concerns
  • to be a greeter
  • to be connected
  • to lead by example
  • because I love church and the feeling of community, and being welcoming to all
  • faith, love for God, self-love, love for community, to learn about the community and God, Jesus and Bible, singing and being heard by the Lord.
  • I come here each Sunday to refresh my reliability on the Lord in my life.
  • I would like to see the church address more of the mundane problems that people face, and sometimes are afraid to deal with, for many reasons.
  • to commune, to love, to pray, to serve and be served
  • to worship and find my spiritual fulfillment
  • to keep peace in my being
  • to get closer to God and to love
  • to do good for all people
  • all are like friends and family
  • sermons relating to Bible and current affairs (not political)
  • all are like friends and family
  • I’ve grown to feel it is my church home
  • I enjoy the messages --- able to learn
  • grew up in this church. very comfortable here, eager to live a fuller life in God
  • to be a better person in life
  • community
  • friends
  • this is my faith home, where I’m loved and fed by God and my faith family …. and where I try to give back as much as I get and be His hands and feet.
  • to get free food
  • getting older and will need a Pastor
  • need religion in my life
  • people are very friendly
  • help my faith
  • to worship God
  • I need God in my life and fellowship with others.
  • I’m here because having God in my life is important
  • the people                                                    
  • the lovingness
  • welcoming church family
  • this church is my spiritual home
  • Union Congregational is just what it should be
  • the worship services and socialization (people/members)
  • the people, sense of family, music, community
  • the people & community here are welcoming & loving
  • fellowship, love, missions
  • the warmth and friendliness
  • family, caring people
  • to continue to be understanding to special needs children – because they are Jesus’ special children
  • to pray with loving people
  • the friendliness
  • the love & support of the people of the church. I feel this is part of my family.
  • people from all walks of life coming together as a faith group to learn, teach and build a strong bond.
  • I am most attracted to the wonderful, loving, and caring people that make up our church community.
  • the people – it is like 1 big family
  • friendship new and old feeling welcome
  • I find Union to be very welcoming and friendly.
  • fellowship. compassion
  • the sense of Welcoming & the Love shared in this Community of Faith
  • the denomination --- UCC, the welcoming people, the chance for intellectual & spiritual growth
  • this church gives me a chance to fellowship, music too.
  • to pray, sing glory to the father, to ring the bell
  • welcoming, friendly, warm
  • free food, coffee hour
  • engaging people, faith tradition
  • close to home, friendliness of congregation
  • it’s the kind of church that’s warm & friendly--- and when people walk through our doors they don’t look back.
  • the friendliness of the people and their caring
  • spirituality, sense of family, love, community
  • the sense of community, the rainbow flag, the welcome at the door, the dedicated and giving staff at the food pantry, a laid back atmosphere
  • faith, kindness, love, Jesus, community, learning
  • sense of family, welcoming and open members
  • my faith home
  • to call more young families
  • a family, a safe place
  • I want this church to be a Light in our life and caring for each other
  • a 5 star hotel
  • a large, thriving community, a leader in the church life of E.B., welcome to all. center also for youth activities
  • more outreaching to more, all involved in activities of church, full of young families
  • faith based, caring, a haven for activity
  • a true feeling of family, I want to see this Church move forward. would love to see a Revival., to grow in the Lord’s teaching
  • place of peace
  • a supportive spiritual home for people of all ages and identities
  • a beacon to the world of God’s love & lite
  • even more open minded
  • a church
  • I would like UCC to be a place of refuge and worship for all that need it
  • welcoming, caring
  • a friendly church, a pastor who focuses on not only the bible but individualized stories to make the sermons more interesting
  • I would love to have a Bible study group here!
  • a safe place for worship, a place to learn more about Jesus, a service community, a place to feel free to be myself, acceptance by community
  • an inclusive community, a place of celebration, a place of music, a place of service, a place of humility
  • loving, informative, open to new issues
  • thriving, welcoming, beacon
  • to reach out to other families and try to build a strong Sunday School. with all our congregation’s need of prayers because of health reasons- we could help them out with meals.
  • I want UCC to be a warm & welcoming place where I can come each week and renew my relationship with God and practice my faith
  • fellowship & thriving, music, sermons
Deacons News
Confirmation Information: All Call for Members interested in the next Confirmation class.
Prayer Partner Program: This program will begin in June. Details will be coming in May. 
Our call is still out for those interested in participating in the Search Committee for a new Pastor. Please know that this process requires a serious commitment of time and energy. It is however, an important, rewarding and very much appreciated experience. Please see Deacons Stephanie Rando or Bill Dawson, if interested.
As always, our Card Ministry remains active. Please see Cathy Godfrey or any Deacon, if aware of anyone needing wishes of wellness, cheer, celebration, etc.

Summer Worship!!

I know it's still early but just a FYI...

Our last Sunday service will be on Sunday, June 30th
our Wednesday evening services will begin on
Wednesday, July 10th at 7:00 PM!
Children’s Education (CE)
  1. Our team of teachers has been meeting and brainstorming to incorporate fun and educational lesson plans for the spring Sunday school classes. Hope your kids can join us in May:
  •  May 5, 2019-- Communion Sunday-- No Sunday School-Communion—“Activity packs
  • May 12, 2019 The Holy Spirit—Pentecost & Blessings Bags
The CE students will help the Missions Committee put together the Blessings Bags collected in March and April. This project will encourage the lessons of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit fills us.
  • May 19 , 2019 The Holy Spirit lives in us
  • May 26, 2019 The Holy Spirit Empowers Us
 2.  If you would like to volunteer to help out in the Sunday school room during service, please let Kelly Stout or Leila Donovan know. We would love to have you join us in this rewarding work.
  1. For the One Great Hour of Sharing, the Missions Committee was able to send $200. Thank you to everyone who donated to this community cause.
  2. The Missions Committee project “Blessings Bags” for the months of March and April is wrapping up soon. Thank you to all who donated so many of the needed items.  Collection of small bottles of shampoo and conditioner will continue to be collected until the end of April. The Missions Committee will donate $100 to purchase local coffee shop gift cards to include with the bags. The bags will be prepared by the CE children in May as a community awareness project. The bags will be brought to the Mainspring shelter in Brockton by members of the Missions Committee by the end of May.
  3. The Missions Committee Hilliard’s candy bar sale will be Sunday, May 12, 2019 during coffee hour. Please pick up a couple for your favorite Mom or Sweetie and support the work of the committee.
East Bridgewater Food Pantry
  1.  The Food Pantry is now using Sign-Up Genius to make it easier for interested volunteers to sign- up for time-slots that will work with their busy schedules. It is a web-based app that is user- friendly. The pantry directors can set up a calendar of dates, email a volunteer base and keep track of coverage. If you are interested in volunteering at the East Bridgewater Emergency Food Pantry please email and we will add you to the mailing list. 
  2. Our congregation is very generous with food donations.  Many of you asked that we have a more convenient location for you to drop-off donations. We have put a collection bin in the vestry under the “coffee cups” table. The “spotlight” items the food pantry is requesting in May are Spaghetti Sauce & Paper towels. Thank you for your generosity.
Annual cleanup Saturday May 11th - 8:00 am - noon
please set aside the morning
to come help beautify
our church building and grounds...
many hands makes light work!!!


Trustees Talent Show / silent auction & Pizza Lunch
May 19th - 11:30 am after church
**Sign Up sheet is in the Vestry

May Trustee of the Month is Dick
The Finance Committee is having a gift card fundraiser.  Need a gift card for a gift or just use a gift card when you shop and the church will earn money when you do!  Check it out by clicking on the links below for instructions on how to get started or see a member of the Finance Committee!!

Detailed Instructions
Music Committee
  • Thank you to the anonymous donor that paid for the first year of our license to be able to copy music.  
  • The Bell Choir will be participating in the Bell Festival, June 27-30th at the University of Hartford.  We are very proud of our bell choir and wish them well at the Festival!!
  • In early February a donation was made to the choir in memory of Jamie Riordan and was duly appreciated with a thank you note.  We continue to appreciate our choir and the wonderful fun-filled leadership of Parnel Bailey!!!
Happy Birthday to...
3 - Jennifer Huber
9 - Jean Brooks
9 - Andrew Talbot
12 - Donna Driscoll
15 - Mary Jane Coakley
29 - Gary Martin
31 - Cathie Godfrey
Happy Anniversary to...

1 - Jamie & Laurie Mitcheson
10 - Charlie & Mary Jane Coakley

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