Teaching Kids To Be Lucky People

With Saint Patrick's Day not too far in the future, it is a good time to talk to children about the difference between simply being in the world around them and having the ability to use elements of their world to
create positive situations.

You may have heard people talk about being lucky when something good happens, and then being unlucky when something happens that isn't so positive. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to have the luck of the Irish, there is much more to luck than just wishing.

Teaching kids how to have a positive attitude and how to search for creative solutions and think "outside the box" are sure ways to bring about lucky and to change the world around them to be a positive place full of possibilities. To get started, consider the following ways to help your children make their own luck:

Talk about being positive – while this may seem simple, looking at the past and constantly talking about "what ifs" and "should have beens" can become a problem. Instead, make it a family focus to talk about being positive and looking forward to the future rather than staying stuck in the past.
Talk about the importance of doing the right thing – this is one that children really do understand. They know about cheating or doing something that is wrong to get what they want, and then feeling bad about it afterwards. By talking about why the choices they make are just as important as the rewards they receive helps them to see life in a more positive way.
Creativity – encourage creativity in children. Games where kids have to solve a unique problem or use their creative side to come to a unique solutions help create a child that look at what is available and how to use it to achieve their goals. Those old games of giving the kids random items and asking them to make something you have never seen before, to complete the endings on stories about a challenge and other ideas all contribute to creating lucky problem solvers.

It is also essential as adults to talk about how we planned, organized and did the work to achieve our goals. By focusing on the possibilities available through applying ourselves, we help children understand that luck is a self-made gift.


Take The Perfect Family  Portrait

Portraits of your children as they grow up can become a treasured memory, but getting them taken can sometimes be a struggle. If you’re determined to take just the right picture, try these for tips for portrait photography without tears:

Take the picture early. A photo session first thing in the morning is easier on everyone. You can dress your kids appropriately and let them change into “play clothes” afterward instead of forcing them to get cleaned up and changed later in the day, when they’re more apt to be tired and cranky.
Have some variety. If you have more than one child, restrain the urge to dress them in matching outfits. A more picturesque option: Dress them in different outfits of the same color.
Don’t overdo things. Keep clothes and accessories simple. Remember that your focus should be on the child’s face.
Plan ahead of time. Get your child a haircut a few days before the portrait session, not that morning. If the cut turns out to be too short or severe, time will relax the look.
Smile! Try to avoid a forced, insincere smile on your subject’s face. Relax and let your child’s personality shine through.


Develop A Healthy Metabolism


Having a healthy metabolism means cutting down on the day-to-day stresses that so many of us are afflicted with.

One method of developing a healthier metabolism is with workouts. It is important not to overdo things when you are at the gym, as this can actually cause the very thing you are trying to avoid – stress – so workouts should last no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes.

Many people might be surprised by how important natural light is to our health. Our mood can be affected by the darker winter months, and those who continually work in offices with fluorescent lighting are also likely to be susceptible all year round. In order to get more natural light, just try getting outside for at least ten minutes in the daytime – even that short amount of time can support your metabolic rate and your thyroid gland, as well as naturally increase your body temperature.

Try practicing breathing from the diaphragm every day, which is an excellent way to relax your whole body, particularly in situations where you are feeling stressed to begin with.

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