PE Resolution #1:  to support and to urge Board of Education adoption of the proposed changes in MCPS Physical Education Curriculum for grades K-12 

Approved April 26, 2005

Whereas, the new physical education curriculum has been developed by the MCPS Office for Physical Education Curriculum in conjunction with the State of Maryland with input from experts in the field of physical education.

Whereas, the revised curriculum is standards-based and covers important areas not previously covered, including exercise physiology, biomechanical principles, motor learning principles and overall health and nutrition, with the ultimate goal of establishing a strong foundation of physical activity in the formative years to develop a lifelong practice in fitness, sport, dance and movement education.

Whereas, poor exercise and eating habits are linked to obesity and other chronic illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.  Obesity poses one of the most significant threats to youth today - obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in teens in the last 30 years.

Whereas, regular physical activity provides children and adolescents with health-related benefits including weight control, muscular strength, aerobic fitness, improved bone mass, and blood pressure control, and research has shown that physical exercise aids in brain development, improves test performance, helps to alleviate or reduce stress, reduces behavioral problems and increases self esteem. 

Whereas, successful implementation of the new Physical Education curriculum will require ongoing modifications to meet the needs of the students in learning the skills and principles of physical education, be it now therefore

RESOLVED that the Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations recognizes the importance of instruction aimed at developing an understanding of physical education and requests that the Board of Education approve the new physical education curriculum and work to ensure its successful and full implementation.