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Reviews - LA Weekly

SHOT ON DIGITAL VIDEO inside a real RV, on actual locations along the Eastern seaboard, What Alice Found possesses a rough, handcrafted texture and the intimate intensity of a spare, three-character, off-off-Broadway play. It's a real American independent movie at a time when such things seem scarcely to exist. And it's a superb showcase for Tony-winning stage actress Ivey, who turns a character that might have been a cliché - over-teased hair, dime-store dresses and ultra-twangy Kentucky drawl - into one of the more memorable presences in movies this year. Sandra's motherly warmth, questionably motivated as it may be, engulfs us much in the way it does Alice. What is remarkable is just how much she reminds us of some of the people we've met over the years in our own travels - the stranger seated next to us on a flight or across the aisle on a bus who, in his or her small way, leaves an indelible imprint on our life.